The lap dance tips that will add a dingle to your dangle

lap dance tipsO.K you know how to perform a lap dance, and that’s great (!). But do you want to get in on some great lap dance tips that will help spice up your moves? If inside info is what you desire this is the place for you!

Start with the outfit that will drive your partner crazy

In this department, you women may have a larger variety to improvise from. But none the less – you guys won’t be left uncovered (at least not just yet…). Men can usually go with any image that may come to mind. Policeman, fireman, cowboy or even a business man – any identity you fantasize about will do the trick!

Now what about you ladies

You get to dress up in any sexy outfit you can think off: little hot pants, skimpy lingerie, an innocent sheer robe, school girl outfit, hardcore cop and so on. Choose the costume you know will drive your partner wild. Add to it a sexy bra, g-string, stockings and most importantly, HIGH HEELS. Be colorful, be sensuous and mostly be prepared to gracefully slip out of whatever you choose to put on! Click here to see some supper-hot outfits

How To Give A Lap Dance How To Strip Video

How To Give A Lap Dance 

Videos – Lap dance lessons, techniques
& routines. Become his fantasy!


How To Strip Video
Learn step-by-step strip moves
Become his ultimate fantasy!

Drive that annoying pressure away

sexy music - choose slow and sensual musicGood music will help get you into the mood. The sensual beat will guide you through your dance, gradually chasing all your stressful thoughts away. Choose your music carefully, slow and sensual is the music I recommend most. If you have a chance, I also suggest that you practice dancing to the sound of this rhythm before going live. Listen to some sexy tracks I gathered for you

Here’s another one of the lap dance tips that will set your worries sailing

Enjoy a few sips of wine or a cocktail -  sail smoothly through your act of seduction...Enjoy a few sips of wine or a cocktail. It can help loosen you up and get you sailing smoothly through your act of seduction. You can also let your partner have a sip or two – just as much as you decide to let him. And remember – when giving a lap dance you are the boss. Don’t drink to the point you loose control, this will take all the appeal out of the game.

Set the scene – the little things that can make it or break it

This may seem to be the least important of all lap dance tips, but take it from me – it’s the little things that can help do the trick! Create the perfect atmosphere. Dim the lights, perfume the air and light some candles. See that your room temperature is comfortable – feeling too cold or too hot will not come across as very sexy.

A little help can always come in handy

Use accessories, there are many fun variations. A blindfold will help keep your lover’s senses alert – itching to know what will come next. Handcuffs or any simple string will keep him down, powerless (a fantasy common among most of us…). Use a soft feather, or even your hair, to brush up against his body and taunt him. And my favorite of them all – ice. Place a cube in your mouth and run it along your lover’s body.

Take charge, set the rules straight

As I already mentioned, being the boss is the most important of all lap dancing tips. Before you begin your seduction make sure your partner knows what his boundaries are. Forbid him to touch you – this will intensify his desire without any effort on your behalf. Be firm about this, don’t give in just because he begs for it.

Lap Dancing Lessons How To Striptease

Lap Dancing Lessons
Teach yourself lap dancing!
Easy step by step guide. 

How To Striptease
Learn striptease techniques, moves
& routines. Become his fantasy! 

Keep the eye contact going

Seduce your lover with passionate looks. Your expression will reflect those sexy thoughts you have in mind and intensify the sexual tension in the air. Look at your turned on body, touch it, enjoy it and then look at him as if he’s the only one that can satisfy your passion. Touch yourself Watching your partner getting turned on single handedly is an intense experience for anyone. Try arousing your partner with this technique. Slowly run your hands over your breasts, stomach, ass and vagina. Gradually get aroused by this. Believe me, he’ll be wishing it was him running those fingers all over you!

The key element of lap dance tips – tease, tease and tease again

he key element of lap dance tips - tease, tease and tease again!

Get close to your lover, let him smell your scent, feel your body rub against him (just a bit) and let him imagine what it would be like touching you. Turn your back to him, move your ass towards his lap, then slowly grind into him. He should be going crazy by now – this is your cue to drift away. You can read more seduction tips on the eBook seduction secrets – a powerful online manual of seduction secrets just for women.

How To Give A Lap Dance
Videos – Lap dance lessons, techniques 

& routines. Become his fantasy!

How To Strip Video 

Learn step-by-step strip moves
Become his ultimate fantasy!

After getting some lap dance tips, are you ready to see how it’s done?

More lap dance tips – play sexy games

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