The ultimate lap dancing instructions guide

lap dancing instructions - learn how to perform a lap dance

Welcome to the ultimate lap dancing guide that will get you bumping and grinding in no time. Have fun following these simply steps, learn to shake it like a pro and drive your partner crazy with no effort at all…

Bumping and grinding not only for professionals

When provided in clubs, lap dancing is generally performed by professional exotic dancers. But you don’t have to be a professional to let loose and have some sexy fun! All you girlfriends, wives, husbands and boyfriends (yes, you guys too!) can learn how to perform a lap dance with this simple lap dancing instructions guide.

Lap Dancing Lessons How To Striptease

Lap Dancing Lessons
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How To Striptease
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Start by internalizing this basic rule for success

First things first, in order to give a lap dance and enjoy any kind of sexual activity, you must FEEL COMFORTABLE with your body. Accept and enjoy yourself regardless of shape or size. Remember – you can’t look sexy if you don’t feel sexy.

Now put your wheels in motionstep one of the lap dancing instructions guide

So this is it, you feel great, look great and you’re going to make your lover beg for it BIG TIME. Start your lap dance by standing several steps in front of him. Begin moving your hips to the music in a soft circular kind of motion. Take your time, then, in a catlike motion slowly sway toward your partner and when you’re near enough, take your lap dance to the next level.

Your next step is all about positioning

Gracefully lift one leg and place it between your partner’s wide-opened legs. Then place your other leg on the arm of the chair. Your legs should be positioned wide opened in front of your partner’s face – this is a position no guy on earth could resist ! Continue swaying and passionately run your hands over your body: breasts, ass, feet and slowly up to your sweet stuff. Touch yourself as if you’re completely turned on and wishing it was him touching your body .

The art of teasing is about to get hotter

If your lover’s turned on now, just wait ’til you see how he reacts next. This is my favourite part – showing him some skin… Slowly and teasingly begin removing your clothes. Top first, then bottom, bra, underwear and last your stockings and heels. Be cool and take your time peeling off your clothes, your lover should be the only one exploding with anticipation…

Don’t forget this

Throughout your lap dance continue stroking yourself and don’t stay too close to him. Move away for brief moments’ every now and again. This will give him a chance to see your body and fantasize on what he would like to do to it…

How To Give A Lap Dance How To Strip Video

How To Give A Lap Dance 

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You should also remember this…

Eye contact is very important. Let your eyes transmit all those sexy thoughts you have racing through your mind. Let him see your eyes burn with hunger, but stay cool, relaxed and most importantly – don’t forget to smile.

The teasing isn’t over yet…

Only a few more lap dancing instructions left to go. So, at this point you should get closer again, get so close you’ll practically be sitting on his lap. Sensually lean in towards his ear. Nibble and lick it, breathing your hot breath over it, let out a soft aching moan. Softly nibble his neck, and then smell him, breathing him in as if you were getting high off his scent.

Touch him, tease him and watch him jump out of his skin

Rub your nipples along his body and face. Withdraw if he tries to touch them. Slink in between his open legs and lower yourself until you’re right in front of his firmly erect love handle. Flicker your tongue all over it. Rub it up and down – don’t keep this up too long – you don’t want him reaching any satisfaction.

Lap Dancing Lessons How To Striptease

Lap Dancing Lessons
Teach yourself lap dancing! 

Easy step by step guide.

How To Striptease
Learn striptease techniques, moves 

& routines. Become his fantasy!

Congrats, by now you probably have him eating out of the palm of your hand!

Well, I think you just covered all the basic lap dancing instructions. You should be more then ready to fly solo now. I recommend reading these instructions over once more and playing out each step. Practice the dance moves to your choice of music before your grand performance. And let these two basic ideas guide your way: work it slow and tease, tease, tease.

Ready to move passed basics? Check out part 2 of my lap dancing instructions guide

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