Can I invite you to see a lap dance?

Did you ever wonder what goes on behind the walls of the lap dancing clubs? How the art of lap dance is played out in the professional’s league? Join me on an exciting virtual tour through a typical lap dance club scene, see a lap dance and uncover all these secrets and more…


At the threshold to a magical world

You can easily guess from their definition that gentlemen’s clubs and lap dancing clubs offer entertainment designed for men. Women who wish to enter these clubs will probably be denied entrance by the bouncer at the door. Once you’ve managed to pass his examining eyes and enter, you’ll have the pleasure of enjoying a magical experience. Let me tell you about it…

Before you get comfortable

First thing you’re required to do when entering a lap dance club is to check your coat. This is to prevent any picture taking or unseen jerking off while watching the dancers perform. Once you’ve checked you’re coat you’ll be shown to your table.


Take in the atmosphere

The room will probably look like a suburban piano bar and mainstream music will be playing in the background. Pretty waitresses, barely dressed, will bring drinks to the tables. And around you, you’ll see youngish looking men, some by themselves and some in small groups of three or four.


Now the action begins

Some of these men will be enjoying a sensuous lap dance from a beautiful young women. You’ll sit at your table and signal for one, too. Your dancer will walk over to you. She will begin swaying between your legs, bumping and grinding her firm body against yours – focusing mainly on your lap. Seductively and gradually she will take off her clothes piece by piece. I bet you’re about to burst at this point, can you handle her next move?

Click here if you’re up to the challenge…

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