Your sexy dance is about to get hotter

sexy dance

At this point your sexy dance it about to hit its max. Your lap dancer is right between your legs, moving her body seductively and teasing you to death. But be ready, she’s about to push it up a notch…

Sweet dreams can come true

Once the dancer is naked she’ll turn around, bend over, run her hands over her ass and move her sweet thing just inches away from your face. She’ll lick her fingers, imagining it was your body, squeeze her nipples, dreaming it was your fingers teasing them, and then she will stroke her yearning vagina passionately.

Can it get any better?

Just when you feel like you’re literally about to explode, the song comes to an end. She’ll stop rubbing against you, lean over, kiss your cheek, and gracefully put her clothes back on. You’ll tip her for the sexy dance and she’ll be on her way, moving on to another lucky guy.

High quality entertainment for the modern man

sexy pole dancerLap dance clubs are not sleazy: they’re highly respectable places. Many of them even have their house rules and price list on the table menu. These clubs’ basic idea is restraint: you can see a sexy dance and have fun but no touching, no profanity and no propositioning are allowed. The exotic lap dancer is an attractive, high class woman. She could probably find an alternative job if she wanted to. But she chooses to dance for you.

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